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Zhangsheng Corp provides our customers with the most efficient and Environment -friendly wood chipper machines and biomass pellet line.

About Zhangsheng Corp

Henan Zhangsheng Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive machinery and equipment enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales, and service. With 20 years of experience in machinery manufacturing, we are the only company in China focusing on the Wood Chipper International Market. We have strong customization capabilities, after-sales support, innovation capabilities, rich shipping experience, and bank receiving capabilities. We have 15 series of wood crushing equipment, more than 50 models, as well as production lines for making pellets, charcoal and organic fertilizers. As long as it is wood recycling equipment, you can choose us with confidence. Zhang Sheng machine hopes to make the world's green energy sustainable development.

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Our Unique Selling Points

Why 2000+ customers trust ZhangSheng machinery

  • Focus on the international market

    With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, we are the only Chinese company exclusively dedicated to serving the Wood Chipper international market.

  • Wide range of products

    We have 15 series, more than 50 models. As long as it is wood processing equipment, we can provide the machine meet you need. If it is a recycled production line, our engineers can make production line solutions for you, site layout, product configuration sheets, etc.

  • Tailored solutions

    Our exceptional ability to customize products sets us apart from the competition, ensuring that we meet the individual needs of our customers.

  • Competitive price

    Our products are not only excellent, but our lower manufacturing and labor costs enable us to offer highly competitive prices in the international market.

Client’s Comments

What Our Clients Say

As a imported company focusing on the import of high -quality machinery, we have strict requirements for quality, cost and efficiency when looking for reliable wood chipper machine suppliers. After cooperating with your company, I was surprised to find that your product perfectly meets our needs.
First of all, we are very concerned about technical strength and product quality. Your company has more than 20 years of manufacturing experience and strong technical capabilities, which is fully reflected in the wood chipper we received. The stability and efficiency of the machine exceeded our expectations, significantly improved the efficiency of work, and at the same time reduced maintenance costs.
Secondly, the price advantage is equally important for us. The price provided by your company makes us very attractive in our own market.

OCTAVIO JIMÉNEZ Purchasing Manager| machinery import company

Ever since we started using the wood chipper, our operating efficiency has greatly improved. They have strong and stable performance, perfectly meeting our needs for processing a large volume of adhesive and waste materials. The Cummins diesel engine ensures excellent motivation and long-term durability. Additionally, the machines demonstrate excellent fuel economy, which is crucial for long-term operation.
In terms of price, your products are highly competitive compared to international brands, while offering similar or even better performance.
Moreover, I'm highly satisfied with your exceptional customer service. Any issues we have encountered were promptly and professionally resolved. This level of service instills confidence in your company and strengthens our trust as a long-term partner. John M. Smith Owner| forestry waste disposal company

As a professional international buyer, I was impressed by the wood chipper provided by your company. The quality is good and price is competitive, which is obviously lower than our local market.
The professional services provided by your company have increased customer satisfaction and laid a solid foundation for our cooperative relationships.
The purchasing experience in China has strengthened my confidence in your company and looks forward to further cooperation in the future.

David Munyua Buyer| Professional international

Facts and figures

  • 2000+

    Reliable customers

  • 10K

    Factory square meter

  • 20+

    Years of experience

  • 50+

    Country of sale

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